Lawyer in Costa Rica – My experience on the Outsourcing Services

When i decided to be a lawyer, many many years ago, my idea of this profession was different by far. When i started as a paralegal in 80´s, be a lawyer in Costa Rica was be someone who knows the law, someone dealing with courts, etc. Some years later, but in the 90´s I started to feel some needs from my clients, needs in areas not legal but like accounting services, managerial, etc. My clients, mostly coming from US, with great business ideas, but with some deficit in costa rica regulations , were losing time and moneylearning for example, how to get a commercial license in Costa Rica, how to made tax returns, how to handle the payroll, etc.  

Observing that, I decided to wide my operation and my mind and start a small outsourcing area in my firm, the beginning was not easy, but we put all our effort, find the right staff, and everything start to run in the right way!. Now today, the with experienced people, we are happy to have a firm that offer to my clients all these services, both parties my clients and myself are happy with the benefits!. That is how dyn outsourcing services born!!

Almost 20 years ago, im a lawyer focused on the outsourcing area, with a great team handling taxes, managerial, payroll, commercial licenses, insurances, in fact anything needed to start a run a company in Costa Rica.

Well, these times are tough times and outsourcing in Costa Rica areal nearshoring place, bring a chance to save money.-

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