El nuevo proceso de Desahucio en Costa Rica

Muy recientemente el proceso de Desahucio vario sustancialmente, y sobre todo en favor de los dueños de los inmuebles. Esta nueva regulación hará que el proceso de desalojo de los inquilinos sea mas rápido. La idea de esta reforma es que el proceso expedito puede utilizarse en aquellos casos en que: – Se venza el […]

Commercial Real Estate in Costa Rica . A great opportunity

  Reading the news here in Costa Rica today I found news like this: “Oficenters (commercial real estate) is not in crisis” or “translational companies are still investing in Costa Rica more than $144k”. these news gives me more reasons to think is time to invest in Commercial Business in Costa Rica.

Property Taxes – Costa Rica

This time i want to talk about the property Taxes, and gives some highlights important to consider: This tax is handle by the local government where the property is locate. In case a person has a sole property,  can apply for an exemption. this exemption if for 45 minimum salaries. The tax should be paid for the […]

Real Estate due diligences – Costa Rica

Here in Costa Rica, Real Estate properties all around the country are inscribed in just one place, the Public Registry. For years this government institution  has been improving the process and today we have a great registration system. While in the past a transfer deed was inscribed in a month or more , using manual and obsolete […]