Incorporation In Costa Rica.

Here on DynCR, created a simple way to be incorporate in Costa Rica, in less than a week you will have all your company ready for business , doesn’t matter if  you are in Costa Rica or not, to start you just need to fill this simple form “create your corp”  click send, and in less than an […]

Accounting Services in Costa Rica

At DynCR we have structured an Accounting Department to fulfill with all requirements from successful companies: – A great technologic support help us to be ready to be linked with most common accounting programs. – Almost 20 years of experience in the area, help us to provide what our multinational clients needs. – Our profesional […]

Immigration Status in Costa Rica and Social Security for foreign workers.

Wages regulations aside, Costa Rica has a mandatory registration with Social Security Administration referred to locally as Caja Costarricense de Seguro Social – CCSS, according to the immigration regulations, applied equally to foreigners and local residents. Modalities set by law are clear that the social security contributions affected whether the employer is paying directly to […]

WOS or Wholly Owned Subsidiary in Costa Rica

After a  recent relocation process we attend, we are impressed about our country. pur client has operation in India for several years, and for many reasons (time zone, distance, etc) they decided to start a research process in the area, and choose Costa Rica, and DyNCR to assist during all the process. In a short […]

Crisis or challenges in Costa Rica?

Reading this week a Costa Rican financial newspaper, I found a story about the flowers industry and how they had a bad year. Nothing new in comparison with the stories we use to read nowadays. But my friend and mentor Pedro Vindas made the difference!.- Pedro armed with years of knowledge and a company TRUSTING […]

Immigration Status in Costa Rica – Investors

Due a recent resolution from Costarrican Immigration Offices, there is a better and simplest chance to obtain an immigration status as Investor in Costa Rica.- Before this new resolution, the investment should be considered “good for Costa Rica”  or with national impact. From now, is just needed to invest or have investments for $200.000 in […]

Business and Corporation Taxes Costa Rica

Today the country borders are just for the real world, and in my opinion everyday we are living more in a virtual than a real world. Many year ago, when we planned to visit another country, the trip preparation was a big work, because if you were not physically, then all the operation in the firm […]

investing in Costa rica. Is your business secure in Costa Rica

Im sure about the excellence of our human resources, the quality of life, the economic potential of Costa Rica, for year we have been helping companies to stablish its operation in Costa Rica,  and normally our clients are surprised about how fast its costarrican  staff  learn, and how they are able to solve the issues. That […]

I want to Start a Business In Costa Rica

Here at DYN we read everyday this from our customers, start a business in Costa Rica,  today more than never Costa rica is one of the most attractive business destinies.  Great Time zone, 2-3 hour non.-stops flights from US, great Internet services, and first to all, people ready to make business. You have questions, well, […]

Limited Liability Companies in Costa Rica

The limited liability Company (LLC) called in Costa Rica as LTDA is a easy to operate company simplest than the Corporation (Anonymous Society or Sociedad Anonima), you can find in the LLC or LTDA many advantages for business in Costa Rica, some of its characteristics are: